Establishment of a national
network of TB advocates


Engagement of infected and affected communities in advocacy has proven to be successful in many health issues. The many strides in HIV response have been partly attributed to the engagement of the vibrant body of the communities affected and infected by HIV.

With TB response having an ambitious target of ending TB by 2030, stakeholders need to learn lessons from the HIV community. One of the lessons is the space for the affected and infected persons in the response.

At the global and regional level there are networks of TB patients which include the GCTA and Act respectively. There is none however at the country level.

Stop TB Partnership-Zambia proposes establishment of a national network of TB advocates. This will bring together persons who have been infected by TB and those who have been affected by the disease. There will be three categories of advocates as follows:

  1.  Infected community TB advocates : Persons who have been treated and cured of TB
  2. Affected community TB advocates: Persons who have been care givers to TB Patients
  3. Advocates by passion: These are persons who have never had TB or been a direct caregiver but they have the passion to engage in TB response.

The objectives of the network will be:

  1.  To provide a platform for those infected and affected persons to engage in TB advocacy
  2. To Strengthen TB advocacy through the voices of those who are infected or affected by TB
  3.  To provide a platform for sharing experience and lessons learnt between advocates at the National level.

Host organization: The network will be hosted at Stop TB Partnership-Zambia

Management: The network will managed by a coordinator

Membership is open and free for any Zambian Citizen who fits in any of the categories above.

Stop TB will soon be convening a meeting to deliberate on the Terms of Reference, management and governance of the network.

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